I am an experienced information professional and trained librarian with a focus on incorporating information sources and technologies into designs and inventions.  This focus comes from many years of working with architects, designers, engineers, and allied professionals and seeing how they use information in their workflow.  It also reflects a personal interest in the interaction of information content and its presentation.

For many years, I worked for Boston-area architecture and design firms.  Initially, I worked in production, project administration, and specifications.  But an interest in computer-assisted design (CAD), databases, and other digital tools led me into the areas of CAD management and customization, information technologies, and knowledge management.  This inspired me to write a book, Managing AutoCAD in the Design Firm, and to develop a presentation about knowledge management for design firms, which was featured in various American Institute of Architects programs.  This led to an interest into the architecture of information and work experience with a medical device startup and, more recently, eight years as the engineering / business librarian for Tufts University.

I have a MBA degree from the University of Michigan, a MLIS Degree from Simmons College, a certificate in design from the Boston Architectural College, and lots of continuing education in the areas of design, technology, and librarianship.